Marqaan News Agency » President Farmajo monitors a military base in Mugadisho

President Farmajo monitors a military base in Mugadisho

The Somali Federal President monitored a military base that is run by the United Arab Emirates in Mogadishu.

This military camp is aimed at empowering the Somali Military, it has been renovated last year by the U.E.A is the training centre of hundreds of Somali military personals.

During his visit the presidents meets several Somali commodores who are still in training encouraging them of working for the Somali Nation.

Several roads in the Mogadishu were closed today during the president’s monitoring visits.

The United Arab Emirates trained several other Somali Military personals in Somalia with the Support of South African experts.

Somalia is recovering from almost a decade of civil war and unrests which displaced a huge Somali Population who are still living in the Neighboring countries as Refugees.


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Nagala Soo Xiriir

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