Marqaan News Agency » DAAWO VIDEO:Muqdisho Cusub Oo Biloowyin isku Badashey Xasilinta Amaanka

DAAWO VIDEO:Muqdisho Cusub Oo Biloowyin isku Badashey Xasilinta Amaanka

Waxa laga Dareemaya Magaalada Muqdisho isbdalo waweyn Oo dhinacyo badan taabanaya Kuwaasi oo ka Dhashay markii Loo sameeyey Ciidamada Xasilinta Muqdisho,Waxa Isbadalada Mudo Kooban Lagu arkay ka mid Ah Iyadoo ciidamadani  kalioya Muqdisho  Baadhitaan Ka Samaynayaan.

halkani Riix Video Muqaalka

Marka Qaarkooda Waxa Ciidamadani xalinta muqdisho joojinayaan baaburta  Maraysa wadooyinka Muqdisho oo intooda Badani  Xataa Baaburta Ay wataan Wasiirada Iyo waxay Amar U qabaan Inay Joojiyaan Oo Weydiyaan Ciday Sidaan.

Waxa  la Sheegayaa  Inay Isbadaladani ka muuqdaan  Muqdisho biloowinkani ugu danbeeyey Iyadoona Gudoomiyaasha Degmooyinka  Xiligani wada Shaqeyn lagu Amray.

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Nagala Soo Xiriir

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One Response to DAAWO VIDEO:Muqdisho Cusub Oo Biloowyin isku Badashey Xasilinta Amaanka

  1. Ahmed says:

    Cismaan Cawad

    You don’t need to reiterate how I am free to express my opinion. I am aware of that, hence why I express it!

    Just because you say something does not make it true. I don’t have a hate towards any particular Somali Tribe. However when it comes down to pointing out certain things I do use their names. You also use it as well. But I guess it is alright for you to use them because you are righteous and it is terrible when I use them because I am full of hate. That is not going to stick at all.

    This fact however is indisputable. You’re the one who tirelessly spews about tribes. Particularly how the Daarood needs to form their own Government. How the Harti should at least get together. You labelled yourself that way and everyone here knows it. You can’t shake that label off no matter how much you run away from it.

    My arguments and re-battles are based on logic and facts. Such as the logic Somalia cannot operate as a country while there are many independent governments within it. One such proof is the post that talks about how the presidents of Puntland, Jubaland and South West are pressuring Farmajo to side with Saudi Arabia or they may make a decision on their own and side with that side of the Golf States Dispute. The funny part is you commented on that article arguing against why they these provincial presidents should not engage in that topic and pressure Farmajo. Exactly proofs my point. What is the need for Central Government if Provincial governments can concern the state independently?

    As I said in the previous comments that pissed you off so much, you can’t have your cake and eat it. You argue things first, then when someone rebuts them with facts you down right insult them and label them terms as you wish. You said thinkers thinker with Ideas. That is fine. But when someone points out what is wrong with that idea or argument of yours using specific points and facts, you’re not happy about it. Maybe the facts I used hit close to home eh. I could have used more broad ones but I used them on previous comments which you were actually responding to. What fun is repeating the same comments when I can hit the nail on the head. You threw a soft ball and I chose to hit on the head and knock it out of the park. Sorry if that irritated you.

    Many of us who comment here are free thinkers as well. You arguments don’t hurt anyone here but don’t get upset if someone picks on them. Otherwise you can engage in your little world all on your own. If what you desire is to not be engaged then say it so.

    BTW. I write long comments to get all that I want to say as I don’t have lots of time on my hands or a job that makes it easy for me to write a bit here and a bit there like yours. Mine maybe long, but you break yours down into not so short many ones.

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