Marqaan News Agency » Somali President meets U.S President, Trump

Somali President meets U.S President, Trump

President of Federal of Somalia, H. E.Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has on Monday met his counterpart, U.S President Donald Tramp in Riyad-Saudi Arabia after Arab-Islamic-U.S Summit there, SONNA reported.

The meeting of the presidents came after they both attended the meeting of the Arab-Islamic-U.S-Summit that Saudi Arabia hosted.

Communication Director of the state house of Somalia Mr. Abdinor Mohamed Abdi who gave out a press report on the meeting the two presidents Said that president Farmajo requested from the president Donald Trump to support Somalia in the in fight against Al-Shabaab.

Mr. Trump assured that his government will support the government of Somalia in the eradication of Al-Shabaab in the country.

By Abdinasir Ibrahim

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