Marqaan News Agency » Somalia: Car Bomb Blast Kills At Least 5, 10 Wounded in Mogadishu

Somalia: Car Bomb Blast Kills At Least 5, 10 Wounded in Mogadishu

At least five people killed and 10 others wounded after a car loaded with explosives targeted a popular cafeteria and a restaurant in Mogadishu today, eyewitnesses and emergency officials said.


The car bomb exploded just outside the Coffee Italiano which is popular with a lot of visitors in the afternoons. The Coffee Italiano is near the main offices of Somalia’s Immigration and Naturalization Department on Maka Al-Mukarama Road. The area is known to a busy business neighborhood in the country’s capital.
Hassan Yasin, a driver of the Amin Ambulance, who was among the first responders, said he carried three of those killed, all of them civilians.
“My ambulance carried three of the bodies and eight wounded from the scene. But other ambulances carried dead and wounded. All were civilians. The blast was huge and I am afraid that the casualty may rise due to other critical injuries.” he told Somaliupdate Online reporter.
Mohamud Rashid, an eyewitness who survived from the explosion said the car first parked near the entrance of the cafeteria as more people sat at the coffee tables outside.
“I was inside the cafeteria ten minutes before the explosion. Someone called me and I left. The just exploded car was parked outside for an hour. Nobody was suspicious.” he said confirming two of his friends wounded. “Two of my friends are hurt. I want to visit the hospital to look them.”
Pictures from the scene show burnt cars as chairs and table are seen scattered outside the cafeteria under attack.
Police and emergency groups reached the scene to help those affected by the blast.
Abdirahman Moalim Ahmed who works at the emergency ward of Medina Hospital confirmed that the hospital received 10 injuries from the blast so far.
“We have found five of the wounded people very critical and it is yet very earlier to decide their fate.” Emergency ward nurse Moalim said.
The militant group Al-Shabab claimed the responsibility of the attack in an online posting

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