Marqaan News Agency » Somalia: Al-Shabab Enters Wajid After Heavy Fighting

Somalia: Al-Shabab Enters Wajid After Heavy Fighting

Fighters of the militant group Al-Shabab entered Wajid town in Bakool following hours of heavy gun battle between government forces and the militant fighters, locals told local News.

Security officials in Baidoa said the government forces briefly withdrew the town of Sunday morning and managed to re-take it.
Wajid is a strategic town and is about 304KM south of Somalia capital, Mogadishu and 69KM from the Ethiopia-Somalia border.
According to General Mohamed Hassan, a military commander of Somalia’s South West administration that controls the town, the fighters of the militant group attacked the town early on Sunday.
“Our forces tried to defend their positions and fought after the terrorists group attacked us” General Hassan told Somaliupdate from the phone on Baidoa. “Reports claimed that we have been overpowered and that is not right”
he said the militant fighters were on hit-and-run assault.
“We have now received reinforcement and our forces are now securing the town” General Hassan adds.
General Hassan also rejected that three government soldiers were killed as claimed by Al-Shabab.
Somaliupdate spoke to a resident in anonymity condition due to safety reasons who said he fled the town as the fighters of the militant group entered Wajid this morning after government forces were overpowered.
Locals confirmed that there were casualties of both sides.
Wajid is among several towns in the south and central of Somalia vacated by the Ethiopian forces recently.
Somalia’s Defense Ministry and the Africa Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) did not comment on the capture of Wajid by the militant group.

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