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SOMALIA:Puntland seizes Explosives and Al Shabaab suspects

Bosaaso( state security forces have on Tuesday paraded explosive devices and alleged Al shabaab suspects seized in an operation conducted in Bosaso, Puntland’s commercial hub.

The Police Commissioner of Bari region, Col. Abdihakim Yusuf Hussein, said the region’s troops captured five men believed to be Al shabaab members carrying explosives after a tip-off.

Speaking to reporters in Bosaso, Mr Hussein said that detained suspects have been planning to conduct terror attacks on Puntland buildings and public places in the town.

“The police seized the explosives with its five men who are believed to have links with Somalia-based militants of Al-shabaab following an operation in the city,” he added.

The police chief said that further operations are under way to identify the group’s targets, saying this was a significant operation against the terror cells in the region.

The capture of the 5 men and the IEDs comes just days after 9 Puntland soldiers were killed, and several hurt in a landmine blast targeted their vehicle near Galgala’s ragged mountains.

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