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Khatumo State and Somaliland talks collapsing

Somaliland administration has taken adequate agreement talks between Somaliland and the Khaatumo  Leaders, which was to help the troops residence, then later Talks continue if they will win.

Somaliland administration Was Sent  Troops  That  areas Near By  Sahdher district,the Agreement Between Soomaliland And Khaatumo State  Was How would support authorities’said Minister of Information  Khatumo State”

The agreement included a large number of troops have been deployed there ,To stop fighting between two clans in Sool region.

Many people believe that the plan is to overhaul local control,Because more than 25 years and Somaliland want to secede from Somalia Although it did not win,The other predator is Puntand whose claim to the SSC regions is no less absurd than that of Somaliland: for them, the SSC regions and those neighbouring regions/clans across the old colonial border were co-founders of Puntland and hence consider the ad hoc transitional common defence arrangement adopted in the wake of the collapse of the Somali State as an open-ended binding obligation on the SSC people unless Puntland decides otherwise. From their perspective, the SSC regions are still part of Puntland even when they withdrew from it after it failed to defend Lascanod and the wider Sool region against the invading Somaliland militia, or liberate it since then – a betrayal prompting the establishment of the Khatumo State of Somalia.

Five years of fighting That region How its  possible to  control Somaliland administration  “Saif Faysal Ali mas ” One Of The Elders, Local Media reports received confirm that a new conflict between the President Of Khatumo State Dr Ali Khalif  And Somaliland administration,The issue appears to stop the negotiations between the two sides.

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Nagala Soo Xiriir

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